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1. The NSA, wiretapping and conspiracy theories – what if the NSA could analyze all their recorded conversations and uncover the hidden blueprint to make women want to have sex?

2. Predictive Behavioral Modeling (PBM) – this is the same technology insurance companies use to measure risk and that Google and Amazon use to predict exactly what you’ll by next, and now this technology is being used to know exactly what to say and do to make a woman want to have sex

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4. “Stolen Playbook” – It was rumored in the 1999 that defensive coach Greg Williams of the Tennessee Titans stole the Jaguar’s playbook to win the game. What if you could steel women’s secret playbook? Look inside their minds and know exactly what will make them want to hookup?

5. Read The Best Players Minds – What if you could walk into a bar and know exactly what the guys who get laid most say to women to make them go home with them? The secret words and phrases women just cannot resist that they’d normally never reveal. Well thanks to this secret data we’ve gained access to and analyzed, we know exactly what makes women want to hookup at the drop of a hat!

6. Women Aren’t That Different From One Another – Women aren’t quite like the “unique little snowflakes” we’ve imagined our whole life, while every girl is different, the blueprint to make her want to have sex is almost identical, and when you use it, her responses will become so predictable it’s even a little scary! But it will make sex faster and easier than you could ever imagine.

7. The Newest And Best Technology – Just a few years ago this discovery wouldn’t have even been possible, but thanks to new development in technology we were able to analyze the data and reveal patterns we thought would never be possible before, revealing a secret blueprint of what makes women want to have sex.

8. Rejection Proof – Most other “dating advice” out there tries to guess what women want, but this actually gets the indisputably most accurate secrets to attract women. If you want to MAKE sure you get her and do it as close to rejection proof as possible, then this is the only way!

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