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Start Date: Monday 01/11/21 12:01 AM PST

End Date: Wednesday 01/20/2020 11:59 PM PST


Floraspring New Year Sales Contest

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Hey, it’s Brett Allcorn here from Pineapple Co and I’m excited to give you bigger commission checks in our New You, New Year Sales Contest.

It all starts on January 11th and ends on January 20th, 2020.

You won’t have to do any extra work and you’ll get paid more for any sales you generate with commission bumps on each conversion.

Plus, we’re pulling out all the stops to ensure you higher conversion rates and commissions on Floraspring including…

  • Proven email creatives - We’ve tested and tested emails and have proven high-converting swipes available. Of course, you can always use your own custom email or one of the originals that work well for you.
  • 109.14% increase in conversion rates in the last 8 weeks based on 25 split tests
  • Custom written email creatives for your list upon request (request before Dec. 31)
  • Our three highest converting banner ads for your blog or email newsletters.
  • And much, much more.

This is going to be a big event! Our goal is to make you lots of extra money and have a lot of fun welcoming in the new year.

Floraspring New You, New Year Contest

First, Here Are Your Big Cash Prize Opportunities:

1st Place: $2500 CASH

2nd Place: $1500 CASH

3rd Place: $1000 CASH

4th Place: $500 CASH

5th Place: $400 CASH

6th Place: $300 CASH

7th Place: $200 CASH

8th Place: $100 CASH

9th Place: $50 CASH

10th Place: $40 CASH

PLUS you’ll receive a $5 commission on EVERY sale you drive in. Make over 50 sales and we’ll bump it up to $6 more for every conversion.

Here are the improvements that increased Floraspring conversions by 168% overall in the last 8 weeks…

We've been hard at work testing and optimizing and we are happy to announce our most recent BIG Split Test Wins for Floraspring!

  • Desktop: We made some changes to our funnel structure and were able to secure an enormous conversion rate increase of 109.14%!

  • Mobile: We dug into the data around our video player and made a few user experience changes, and secured a conversion rate increase of 112.59%

  • Our landing page also saw an overhaul and redesign, netting us an increase in conversion rate of 103.66%

  • Overall we ran 25 split tests on the funnel in the last 8 weeks and saw awesome results - and we're excited to keep optimizing into the new year!

Trust me, if Floraspring already does well for you, there will be nothing more lucrative that you can do during this contest for your affiliate commission revenue other than joining this contest from Monday, January 11th  to Wednesday, January 20th.

There will also be a LIVE LEADERBOARD posted right here as soon as the contest starts.

Looking forward to you joining and keep an eye on your inbox for announcements, your tracking link, suggested email creatives, contest updates and promotional tips.

Thank you for joining.

I am really looking forward to sending a very big commission check in January to kick off the new year!

All regular commission payments will be made every Monday for the 7 days prior unless otherwise agreed, and you will be paid prize money and total commission bumps on Monday, January 25th.

Looking forward to this so much.