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Who we are.

We started Pineapple because we are affiliates & saw the same offers showing up on every network out there. Worse, we knew the commission payouts these networks were giving were extremely low & the network & the offer owners we’re the ones making all the money, risking nothing, while the affiliates were doing all the work.

So we got fed up and decided to cut out the middleman. We built our own high-performing offers, so we could offer you and other smart affiliates… So what’s the catch? The network is only open to serious, proven affiliates who sell straight sale products in English-speaking geos. The network is open and accepting applications. Just click the button below and answer a few quick questions and our affiliate team will review your application right away...
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Brett Allcorn

Founder & CEO

Teresa Grant

Affiliate Manager

Exclusive Offers

This means less competition with other affiliates who all promote the same offers


• Greatly increased commissions by taking the network’s cut and giving it to you. This way you get the highest commission possible and can run bigger campaigns with less risk.


Talk directly with the offer owners and even the company owner to get insider knowledge, tips about traffic sources, copywriting and marketing so your campaigns ROI fast and you don’t lose money unnecessarily.


We offer Custom Landing Pages and Copywriting Services to high volume affiliates.


"Offers always make money. They’re extremely fast at getting me what I need and pay one time every single week."

Daniel Toh.

"Made $30k in the first two weeks of my first promo. Conversions are top notch, all the offers convert and they always pay on time."

Fran Rengel, Enrich Marketing

"I’m a seasoned email marketer and have already seen a huge boost in income. I saw $40,000 in commission in my first 30 days and it keeps coming. Payments are fast and on time every time."

Tyler Bramlett